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Baseball and PEDs: Further Resources

Web Sites, Blogs, and Books

scholarly books

This list is not exhaustive--very far from it--and is not intended to be. There are people and places wholly devoted to making internet-resources lists for baseball, such as John Skilton's Baseball Links; I have neither means nor motive to try to ape them.

Rather, this list is a starting point for those who want to see what sorts of information and comments on PED use in baseball are available beyond the stereotyped ones found in most major mainstream media outlets. I say a "starting point" because most or all of these resources have their own resource links lists, and you can follow on from those to yet other places. And if it seems as though I am implying a swipe at mainstream media, well, I am; if you are in the MSM and are peeved by that remark, consider the old saying about only wearing shoes that fit. If you were already aware of and have been dispensing the sorts of facts to be found on this site, congratulations. But you surely know that 97% of your colleagues were not and are not. That, indeed, is the only reason that this list--in fact, this whole site--is necessary.

As I say, this list is not exhaustive, and in fact includes only a fraction even of the various texts cited elsewhere throughout this site (which are, however, linked where they appear). Rather, seeking to avoid a boring laundry list, I have tried to focus this list on resources that are either important and eye-opening in themselves, or else are representative of some common but important point or view.

PED-Related Baseball Analysis

einstein as a ballplayer The Physics of Baseball:
book, Dr. Robert Adair

"Steroids, Home Runs and the Law of Genius" [pdf]:
paper, Professor Arthur DeVany

article, Nate Silver, Baseball Prospectus web site, March 30, 2005

"What Do Statistics Tell Us About Steroids?":
article, Nate Silver, Baseball Prospectus web site, March 9, 2006

"The 'Steroid Era' of Major League baseball":
"Lyford", Lyflines blog, April 6, 2005

"More Juice, Less Punch":
article, The New York Times, Jonathan R. Cole and Stephen M. Stigler

"URI research team finds compelling evidence of livelier balls in Major League Baseball":
article, University of Rhode Island news

"The Physics of . . . Baseballs":
article, Curtis Rist, Discover, May 2001

"Looking Inside Baseballs for Home Run Secrets":
press release, Universal Medical Systems, Inc.

PED Chemistry and Biology

chemistry lab Anabolic Steroids in Sport and Exercise:
book, Dr. Charles E. Yesalis, ed.

The Juice:
book, Will Carroll

"Medical Issues Associated with Anabolic Steroid Use: Are They Exaggerated?" [pdf]:
paper, Hoffman and Ratamess, Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2006) 5, 182-193

"Muscle dysmorphia":
article, Wikipedia

"Problems with Current Information on Anabolic Steroids":
article, ExRx net web site

"The Growth Hormone Myth":
article, Daniel Engber, Slate, March 24, 2007

"I Don't Worry about HGH in Baseball, and Neither Should You":
article, Sabernomics web site, April 5, 2007

"Another Good Article about GH":
article, Sabernomics web site, September 28, 2007

PED Ethics

road arrow pointing two ways "Fooling Mother Nature: An Ethical Analysis of and Recommendations for Oversight of Human-Performance Enhancements in the Armed Forces":
Airpower Journal, Dr. Evan G. Derenzo & Richard Szafranski, Summer 1997

"Steroid Hysteria: Unpacking the Claims":
article, Dr. Norman Fost, American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, November 2005

"Let Steroids Into the Hall of Fame":
Op-Ed, Zev Chafets, The New York Times, June 19, 2009

"The Beam in Your Eye":
article, William Saletan, Slate, April 18, 2005

"WADA: Best Two Out of Three"
CanSport blog, May 19, 2006 [ethics can go nutzoid]

"Drugs to build up that mental muscle"
article, Karen Kaplan and Denise Gellene, Los Angeles Times, December 20, 2007


scales of justice "Controlled substance":
article, Wikipedia

"Schedule III":
article, Wikipedia

Steroid Law:
web site, Rick Collins, Esq.

"Changing The Game: The Congressional Response to Sports Doping Via the Anabolic Steroid Control Act" [pdf]:
Rick Collins, Esq.

Adolescent-Use Related

lonely teenager "National Results on Adolescent Drug Use: Overview of Key Findings, 2006" [pdf]:
paper, National Institute on Drug Abuse

"Don't Blame Barry":
essay, Aaron Steinberg, Reason, August 6, 2007

"Steroid use among adolescents unchanged from 1999 to 2004"
paper, Leah Lawrence, Pediatric Endocrinology, April 2007

General or Uncategorizeable

old-time ballplayers The "Mitchell Report" [pdf]:
George Mitchell et al.

"Dowd faults Mitchell for refusing to release evidence"
article, Ronald Blum, AP, January 11, 2008

"Who Decides Which Drugs Athletes Can Take?"
article, Brian Palmer, Slate, February 2, 2009

"Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids and Suicide: A Brief Review of the Evidence":
paper, Dr. Jack Darkes

"Pumped-Up Hysteria":
essay, Dayn Perry, Reason, January, 2003

"Steroids and Sports":
interview (with Dr. Normal Fost), Muscular Development magazine, 2004

"Stats junkies differ over McGwire's Hall of Fame worthiness"
Doug Fischer, CanWest News Service, January 07, 2008

"Might Doesn't Matter"
essay, Robert Nishihara, The Diamond Angle blog, June 2002

"Needles and Pens"
essay, Charles P. Pierce, Slate, November 19, 2003

Media and Coverage

pinocchio with liar's nose "Media War on Barry Bonds":
idex of multiple articles, Cosellout web site

"Barry Bonds' Feet Grew? More Like Buster Olney's Nose Grew":
David Wilson, "Sports On My Mind" blog, March 1, 2007 [Wayback Machine archived copy]

"The Persecution of Barry Bonds":
Jonathan Littman, Playboy, May 22, 2009 [Wayback Machine archived copy--scroll down to read]

"Sports Illustrated's Curious COVERage of Barry Bonds":
article, Cosellout web site

"Barry Bonds Through Time"
links to several related Bonds essays, dwil, Sports on My Mind blog, November 17, 2007 [list date]

"The Most Popular Myths in Baseball: Barry Bonds & Steroids"
index to 5 related articles, Peter Handrinos, United States of Baseball blog

"The Dope and the Dopes":
article, Michael Miner, Chicago Reader, September 28, 2007

"Let's get real about sports and steroids"
Joan Ryan, San Francisco Chronicle, December 12, 2004

"Testimony of Santiago and Bonds were similar":
article, Jonathan Littman, Yahoo Sports, February 19, 2009

Dynamic Resources

(These have ever-changing content, but are always useful.)

computer mouse Baseball's Steroid Era:
PED-focussed baseball web site

Steroid Nation:
vigorously anti-PED blog

Baseball Prospectus:
analytic baseball web site

Only Baseball Matters:
baseball web site

baseball web site

This page is one of several each providing a detailed analysis of one or another of the chief claims about the use of PEDs (Performance-Enhancing Drugs) in baseball. Though each, including this one, can be read "stand-alone", you really should first read the main page here, which summarizes all of the findings and sets them out them in a coherent presentation.

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    two distinct, detailed analytic examinations of how PEDs might affect baseball statistics and of whether they have in fact done so, and why or why not, with links to several other such studies

  • Changes in the Baseball
    full discussions of the methods and results of two unrelated laboratory examinations of baseballs from several different years to see if there have been performance-affecting changes in the ball over time

  • The "Spliced" Power Factor
    a more detailed graphic explanation of what the "spliced" power factor graph is and how it is created

  • Medical Effects of PEDs
    comprehensive reviews of all the medical-side-effect claims about steroids, hGH, and other PEDs, supported by extensive citations from the established scientific literature of medicine

  • PEDs as Healing Agents
    looking into the claim that PEDs augment count-type records by allowing players to participate in more games than they could without chemical help

  • Adolescent Use of PEDs
    hard, scientific data from multiple extensive, long-term surveys of adolescent use of PEDs, detailing the actual extent of use, the established reasons for such use, and the true significance of "role models" in PED use

  • Ethical Issues in the Use of Performance-Enhancing Substances
    what professional medical ethicists have to say about how PED use in sports should be evaluated and why

  • Baseball and PEDs: Further Resources
    a select list of thought-provoking articles, essays, and books, a number of which are not cited elsewhere in these pages

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